Selling a Home in La Habra

Selling a Home in La Habra

La Habra, Calif., is a beautiful city 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Residents here enjoy ideal weather, abundant recreational amenities, and a friendly community atmosphere that is hard to match.

With so much to recommend in La Habra, you have an inherent advantage when selling a home there. The best agent is one who will add extrinsic value to the intrinsic appeal of your La Habra house. Courtesy of local expert Ray Fernandez, here are some things to consider when selling a home in La Habra.

Find and hire the best local Realtor

Preparing your house for buyers takes time, strategy, and effort. It’s never too early to speak to an agent; we recommend you find one as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons to make Ray Fernandez at NextMove Real Estate your first point of contact.

Proven results

Ray Fernandez acquired his real estate license in 2011. Since then he has represented over 550 clients, many of them families, to widespread acclaim. For almost 5 years he has been the #1 Realtor in the 90631 zip code including La Habra Heights.  Ray has years of experience purchasing, designing, contracting, building, remodeling, and managing residential properties. Altogether, he has sold nearly half a billion dollars of real estate and managed over 50 rental units.

Golden reputation

Clients praise Ray and his team for their tenacity and integrity as they’ve built a reputation around La Habra. The professional network of NextMove Real Estate includes the best local contractors, and the team can easily connect you with reputable lenders. Ray makes himself constantly available, and his team takes pride in representing every client to the fullest.

Process-oriented approach

You may not know where to begin with your home or the selling process. Even if you have some experience in real estate, an expert Realtor like Ray can improve your sale in many ways. He can consolidate your resources, leverage your advantages, and streamline communications in all phases of the sale. In Ray’s experience, any successful sale results from rigorous attention to detail and open communication. You will always be informed and can be as involved or hands-off as you want.


A Realtor is like a skeleton key to selling your home quickly, efficiently, and for profit. Over a decade of constant improvement, Ray has encountered many selling scenarios, market conditions, buyer profiles, and common setbacks. In his experience, luxury condos warrant a different approach from traditional homes. Every property has a different story, and as we will see in the next section, the strategy you choose should engage as many motivated buyers as possible.

Prepare your home for a successful sale

Once you’ve partnered with Ray Fernandez, he will go to work executing the logistics of your sale, getting it ready for marketing.

Set the optimal price for your home

A great place to start is by inputting your address into Ray’s online home valuation tool. Ray and the team at NextMove Real Estate believe every home for sale has an optimal price point. One way they find that price point is by conducting a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA values a property mainly based on local market data. Ray can also help you find a professional appraiser to evaluate your home’s features and condition. Getting an appraisal can set you up for success and provide all available information when preparing your home for the market.

Make upgrades and renovations

You can make home improvements if you are unhappy with your home value and want to validate a higher asking price. Updating and renovating your home can add value and make it a strong option for buyers. Consult with Ray and his team to learn which home improvements will yield the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Stage your home and schedule real estate photos

Home staging helps your home sell faster and for a higher price. Typically, a professional designer will assess your home and provide high-end furniture and accessories to showcase its desirable features. The best stagers also furnish your home with an eye toward professional photography. Professional images are a necessary marketing tool to increase your online presence and give buyers a preview of your home in the listing, advertising, and other materials.

Market your La Habra home

Preparations may be time-consuming, but they can significantly enhance your selling experience and shorten your home’s time on the market. With a high-end home ready for buyers, you can list your home and prepare for the next steps.

Create a listing and prepare marketing strategies

As your Realtor, Ray will list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to target the right buyers in your area. A successful MLS listing combines a quality written description of your home with sleek images that make an excellent first impression on buyers. Once you’ve prepared a thorough listing, it can be used in social media campaigns, open houses, flyers, signs, brochures, advertising, and more.

Plan open houses

Once your home is on the MLS and buyers have time to view your listing, you and Ray can plan in-person events like open houses and private showings. An open house is an effective marketing tool providing an interactive experience for buyers to view your property, ask questions, and learn more about the area.

Questions about selling your La Habra home

Sellers, especially first-time sellers, may have questions about selling their La Habra home. It is essential to turn to industry experts for advice and information about your unique circumstances.

What is the state of the La Habra real estate market?

As of May 2023, Ray’s home search tool shows 95 properties available for sale in the La Habra area. Of all properties, 39 are residential, and about a third are listed between $1 million and $2 million. If you’re selling a luxury home in La Habra, those listings are your direct competition. The market’s constituent homes peak at about 4,000 square feet; the city comprises over 21,000 households and is a haven for families (about 70% of local households include children). Consult Ray and his team for more in-depth information on local schools and other top priorities.

When is a good time to sell my home?

When working with Ray, you can review local market data and identify important trends like how long homes are sitting on the market, if homes are selling for above or below the asking price, and how many homes have been sold in a specific time. While spring and summer are generally ideal seasons to sell your home, you can analyze local data to determine the state of the current market and how it impacts your goals.

Trends change monthly and yearly, so even if you want to sell your home in November, data may show homes are selling quickly due to a limited inventory. Ray and his team can review your circumstances, selling goals, and market trends to help you identify the best time to sell.

Learn more about selling your home

As demonstrated above, Ray Fernandez has the local insight and proven plans to match your La Habra home with motivated buyers. With Ray’s expert guidance, you can feel confident and at ease throughout your sales process. The NextMove Real Estate team provides exceptional service at all phases of your sale, including setting the optimal price and marketing your home.

More than the best La Habra real estate agent, Ray is also regarded as an expert in his field — a thought leader who serves on the board of the California Association of Realtors. To work with Ray, all you need upfront is to contact Ray with your optimal timeframe, desired selling price, and any information about your home and its location. Before long, you’ll be well along the path to an exceptional sale.

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